Remember September

October 29, 2016

September seems long gone and so do the days spent in France. Even though we try to spend as many weeks there as we can, I still miss it the moment we have to go home. The other side of this is that I am intensity grateful whenever we come back there. 

I am not one to sit by the pool on vacation, read books or hop from restaurant to restaurant. I'd much rather spend my mornings hiking through the forests, driving through beautiful landscapes or admire the amazing views at dawn.

This looks almost Tuscan, doesn't it? It just proves the point I try to make every chance I get....You don't need to go to the iconic spots to find breathtaking views. In this case....the light was right and there was quite a lot of fog in the valley. We passed this view on our way to a forest and I just said: "Stop the car!" How could I not take a picture of this gorgeous landscape. I stood on top of a rock and just felt so incredibly happy to witness this. This is what photography is all about : Capturing fleeting moments that turn something, that might look ordinary on other moments, into magical places.

This little chapel had been on my "to capture" list for years and years. The thing was however that I had photographed it in one of our first vacations in this area and I had never been able to find this chapel again, no matter how many times we walked up the hill. This year I was determined...I was not going home before I had found that chapel again. I sat on the bench for a long time after I found it. I really can't understand how we did not find it in the last few years....

The one day that we did go into town, we were back within an hour. I really don't like the hustle and bustle of city life. It all appears so terribly hectic. I think I am definitely part of a minority as I like shopping much less than my husband. In face, I don't like it at all. I could not help taking this picture in my short time in this town though. Isn't this just a curious little corner? So many colours in one spot and the dark river runs underneath the houses. It is always the details like these that make me want to grab my camera. 

Next time I'll be back with pictures from the Dutch forests again...