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Are Social Media Destroying Your Self Confidence?

August 13, 2018
Last week I wrote a post on Instagram about the effects of social media on self confidence. I got so many responses to this that I decided I would write a blog post about...
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How To Create A Colour Mood Board To Help You Discover Your Personal Photography Style

August 06, 2018
I am passionate about creating from your deepest self, working from your own vision and to find all the right elements that help you translate your way of looking at the...
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How Reviewing Your Pictures Can Greatly Improve Your Photography

July 30, 2018
One thing I recommend in my eCourse Your Vision Your Story is that you regularly review your own work and do so thoroughly. I have done this all my artistic life. In fact...
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Turn Off The Voice Of Fear Of Failure

July 23, 2018
Creating has always been an act of enchantment to me. As long as I can remember I have loved the thrill of bringing something into being that did not exist before. I marv...
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5 Ways To Stay Inspired And Stop Sensory Overwhelm

July 16, 2018
You have probably read these words from me before, but if you are a creative, your inspiration is a priority. We know that in order for us to create, we need inspiration,...
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