The Treasure Hunt

November 13, 2017

If life gets tough, you look for distractions. If life is tough for a long time, you tend to develop tactics to cope. The way I have always done this, was to go on a treasure hunt for the magic in everyday life. I would look for pretty stones, fossils and for frames of reality that proved to me, without a shadow of a doubt that life was miraculous. That this world is a place of wonder and abundance instead of one of pain and sorrow. The way I have done this has always been the same...zooming in on the wondrous beauty that surrounds us, either with a camera or without 

Fall ParadiseFall Paradise

It is about consciously choosing to see the most magical side of reality, to go seek it out, to go search for it, because I know one thing for sure: this is where grace lives

Au Coeur de la ForetAu Coeur de la Foret

Grace lives in the moments that light the world up with magic, that bring divinity into a slice of reality and if you focus on these moments, these slices, then your reality will become filled with Grace. 


Coping with life becomes living, existing becomes experiencing and gravity becomes gratitude. It is as simple as a shift in focus and having the determination to find the good, the magical and the beautiful in this world


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