Endings and Beginnings

January 06, 2017

The first day of 2016 began exactly like the last day ended the year....with a very dense fog. The kind of fog that makes it difficult to drive, but also the kind of fog that can make forests look mysterious. I had been wanting to take pictures at this spot for quite some time. I had been there quite a few times before in less than perfect conditions and when the fog started building op on the last day of the year, I did not hesitate...The perfect excuse to get away from the noise of the firework and just be in a forest miles away from any towns or villages. 

When I got there, the forest was dripping due to the dense fog and it was bitterly cold, but it was so very serene. Look at all these rows of beeches, they actually count up to a total of 8 rows, side by side. I will probably be sharing more pictures from this day soon...I have many more to edit :)