Start From Where You Are

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You most important asset in photography is not your camera, but youStart from where you areOften we think we need the perfect location, the perfect camera or lens to capture the image of our dreams, but we already have the most important tool and this is creativity

So often I get messages from wonderful creative women telling me that they can't do what I am doing because they don't have the right camera, the right lens, the right equipment, they can't go to the right locations, they have too little time, they have no inspiration or editing skills. It makes me sad in a way, because somehow the world managed to convince these creatives that you need all of that to start creating.

In this modern world in which iPhones last a year and should then be replaced by the latest and even better model, you are made to believe that if you don't have the latest and greatest or you can't go to the best locations, you can't create anything good. I have read articles about Instagram in which was mentioned that you should go the best locations to get more likes on your photos...My eyebrows just could not have possibly been raised higher.

This is so very untrue. You can start creating today with the tools that you have. You don't need to latest professional full frame camera to start creating nor a 2000 Euro lens. In fact, I did not get a full frame camera until a few years ago and I have been taking pictures for 40+ years. I have taken pictures for magazines with a 5 megapixel camera in a simple studio with reflectors that I made of cheap artist canvases that I had painted. Let's be honest, I still have all these reflectors and use them all the time.

You also don't need to go to the locations that look so amazing on social media. Especially with forest photography, location is not at all that important. The right conditions however are crucial, but these are equally available to all of us, provided we stand up early enough to capture them. I have this little challenge I have set for myself where I try to capture something magical even when it is a tiny spot next to a busy highway. I take pictures on parking lots and people ask me where this forest is. It really is all about your creativity, framing, your vision and the right conditions.

Creativity is plentiful, ideas come from a space that can only be described as pure abundance and this is the most important tool you'll ever need and you have it already. Start with the camera that you have, learn to use it well, go to locations that you can easily get to and take pictures that convey your vision, that capture your impression. Play around in Photoshop or Lightroom, make a duplicate of your image and simply experiment with it. It does not matter if you don't get it to look right the first time, or the second time or the tenth time. What is important is that you learn, that you practice.

I love to limit myself sometimes to using just one lens or take as many different pictures on a few square meters that I can, finding as many viewpoints as possible. This is when you learn that even if the things you use are limited, your creativity is unlimited. You will develop a fresh look on a familiar scene, find new angles that you like and learn what you don't like so much. Both are equally helpful in achieving a style of your own.

Everything starts with you, your vision, your creativity and the willingness to take a few risks. Connect to your vision, learn how to translate it into your images and this will skyrocket the quality of your images way faster than any new camera would ever be able to do. 

I am so incredibly passionate about this subject and about helping creatives capture the images that will make their heart sing that I poured my heart into writing an in depth class about this and sign ups will open really, really soon. In the meantime you can have a tiny preview of this class in my FREE mini class Capturing Your Impression . 

You most important asset in photography is not your camera, but youStart from where you areMany photographers tell themselves they can't create the things they want to because they don't have the right camera, the rich lens, the right software or can't get to the perfect location, but the most important tool in your photography is your creativity



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