A Magical Mess

March 01, 2017

I was going through my Lightroom catalogue yesterday and found some images I took in a French forest. Dutch forests are surprisingly tidy compared to the forests I have visited abroad. I love these ancient forests, I am in awe when I walk around in one, but it is hard to take decent pictures in such a messy place. I find Dutch forests, especially those on estates, a bit boring to be honest. They are neat and tidy, but I personally do not like the strict symmetry of the paths and lanes. I can't help myself from wishing that one tree was born as stubborn as I am and that this one tree would refuse to stand in line. 

Dutch forests are therefore not nearly as challenging as the mountain forests in for example Germany and France. I don't like to make life easy for myself, so I love to find the most challenging spots, then fail horribly the first few times I take pictures there (ok, I don't love that, but I have learned to love the process of learning through failing) and then be totally exhilarated when I get it right. I don't think I got it right in this mountain forest just yet, but I will keep trying and when I succeed, I will be as happy as can be

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