Lessons of an Impassioned Photographer

September 07, 2022  •  2 Comments
I had long wanted to write this blog post, in fact I started to write it quite a few times and every time another topic drifted to the top of my mind thus taking the place of this essay. It would have started as follows: "I have a dear friend, a friend who is as modest as the mountains he spends his life photographing, a man who is humble, yet mor...
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Photographer of Transience

June 30, 2022  •  2 Comments
It is June 2022, the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere is already behind us and I find myself back in the place I call home on the top of a mountain with a heavy backpack strapped on my back and a little dog on the leash. The last time I was here, it was autumn. Leaves were yellow and orange and it was raining and storming continuo...
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Beyond The Rule Of Thirds

May 30, 2022  •  5 Comments
I found myself reading a thread on a photography forum a few weeks ago and slowly following the string of words which were uttered to criticize a certain picture, I was suddenly stopped in my tracks. There it was, the quick judgmental line to make a photographer feel like a stupid person who just does not understand the mechanics of a good composit...
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Photography: The Witnessed or The Witness

April 04, 2022  •  Leave a Comment
Moving beyond the witnessed reality to express the reality of the witness For me this marks the difference between documenting photography (and there is nothing wrong with that) and self-expression in photography. Let me start by stating that there is no such thing as an objective reality, because we all see reality through our own filters, but le...
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The Missing Ingredient

January 31, 2022  •  Leave a Comment
Sometimes my heart sinks when I see a truly magnificent photograph, artfully and skillfully created, being reduced to some raw ingredients by some other photographers. The questions and comments revolving around exposure, brand of camera, time of day and location. There might be compliments involved, but mostly these questions are asked in order fo...
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