Ellen Borggreve | About

I am Ellen Borggreve and I am essentially someone who simply has to create. That is about it, but you probably want to know more...

I was born and raised in a small village in Gelderland, The Netherlands; a place surrounded by forests and fields. Even though those forests were dark and scary places to me as a child, these days they are my biggest source of happiness and tranquility. 

I have been a professional soft sculpture artist since 1997, but my passion for photography has been with me ever since I was a child, when I got my first camera, a Canonet 28. At that time I specialised in space cows, i.e. overexposed farm animals. These days I view myself as a Fine Art Landscape photographer. Fine Art, because I have learned in my 19 years as an artist that I need to create freely, without limitations, to be able to be the best version of myself.

An incurable free spirit, perfectionist and dreamer I am always striving to be authentic and improve with every click of my camera. To achieve this, I tend to return to the same locations over and over again. These are areas that have a special meaning to me and that I know well. This means the majority of my pictures are taken in Gelderland, The Netherlands and Alsace, France.

In my photos I try to convey stillness. I love the mystical moods of the early mornings and I am especially fond of fog and haze. As I have learned to take pictures when digital photography did not exist yet, I still work in Manual Mode most of the time, this is important to me because I like to have complete control when taking pictures. My two main areas of fascination are forests (trees) and water. The first I can explain with my roots firmly placed next to the huge beech trees surrounding the house I grew up in. The second, the water, is only explained by the feeling of stillness I get when I walk along the river.

It is important to me to explain that I am not a documenting photographer, but rather an artist with a camera who is unable to not create. An artist with a love of a more simple life and whose iPhone is usually in a place where I am not, who prefers maps over navigation and letters over emails. But above all an artist with a dream of sharing stillness and magic, that can be found everywhere, for those who try to find it