Start From Where You Are

June 19, 2018
So often I get messages from wonderful creative women telling me that they can't do what I am doing because they don't have the right camera, the right lens, the right eq...
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One Vision, The Base For An Artist's Work

June 12, 2018
I talk about having a vision as an artist a lot. I thought it was time to explain this a bit more clearly. I don't mean the kind of vision that paints a picture in your m...
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The Basics Of Forest Photography

June 04, 2018
I get messages so often in which I am asked how I add fog to images, how to take pictures like mine in the forest, that I decided to write a blog post covering the most i...
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Passion is Contagious

May 28, 2018
What is it about a piece of art, a photograph that makes it connect to the viewer? What is it about the masterpieces that you can see in musea that captivates and enchant...
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Lost The Joy In Creating?

May 21, 2018
I was recently talking to a few of my friends and something kept coming up: " I lost the joy in creating. I used to be so excited about photography, my art, but now it is...
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